Current Exhibitions

1.27.18 - 4.28.18
First Sculpture: Handaxe to Figure Stone is the first museum exhibition to present ancient handaxes and figure stones as works of art. Traditionally understood as the longest-used tool in human history, with examples dating back more than 2 million years, some handaxes are equally fascinating for their non-utilitarian, aesthetic qualities.
1.27.18 - 4.22.18
To coincide with First Sculpture: Handaxe to Figure Stone, the Nasher Sculpture Center’s curators have selected works that draw connections between the Paleolithic objects featured in First Sculpture and sculptures of the more recent past from the Nasher Collection.
2.17.18 - 4.28.18
Established in April 2015, the Nasher Prize is the most significant award in the world dedicated exclusively to contemporary sculpture. It is presented annually to a living artist who has had an extraordinary impact on our understanding of the art form.