Fonderia Artistica Battaglia + Power Station

Panel Discussion

January 19, 2019
2 p.m.

This panel discussion will focus on the past and present of Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, a bronze sculpture production foundry, founded in Milan in 1913.  Presented in partnership with the Power Station, Dallas.

In the past years the foundry evolved exponentially into a cultural institution, maintaining the efficiency and technical research of traditional manufacture, creating a developing and continuative international network, and transforming bronze production into a present archive of visions and material approaches. This discussion between Rob Teeters, Artistic Director of the Power Station, Dallas, and Camilla Bonzanigo, Curator, Battaglia Foundry Sculpture Prize, Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, will examine some of the following questions: 

How can historical production centers lead young artists in understanding complex and ancient techniques and materials, production modules and relational patterns, within the development of the contemporary art language?