Programs for Adults

Plant yourself among the forms of artist Jean Arp, who was inspired by the organic growth of buds bursting from a tree and the curves of living bodies. Enjoy a guided discussion in the galleries then become a budding artist by creating your own biomorphic artwork.
10.11.18 featuring pastry chef Taylor Freed

Have your cake and eat it too as we create edible art in the medium of frosting. Join pastry chef Taylor Freed for a lesson in icing techniques let your palate guide your palette.

10.13.18 Vision + Values Series

Presented by the University of Texas at Dallas at the Nasher Sculpture Center.

Artist and impresario György Kepes was a renaissance man and shapeshifter of modernism. A pioneer of new media art and heir of the Bauhaus, Kepes pushed modernist experimentalism into new realms, incorporating science and technology as a means to rethink the avant-garde through tweaked utility and problem-solving.

10.27.18 Exhibition Artist

Language plays a pivotal role in Anne Le Troter’s works, becoming the raw material for installations that explore social mores and personal relationships. Le Troter will discuss her sound installation at the Nasher, which draws on the language used in sperm and egg donor profiles to address questions of ethics, eugenics and the role of the state in reproduction. 

Interested in doppelgangers or look-alikes?  Inspired by Anne Le Troter’s work, we will spend an evening exploring how descriptive language shapes the way we see everything from artworks to potential mates. Consider how artists like Picasso use visual language to portray their subjects and create your own interpretation of works in the Nasher Collection. 
11.17.18 Artist

Mexico City-based artist Bosco Sodi reveals an emotive power within the essential crudeness of the materials that he uses to execute his paintings and sculptures. Focusing on material exploration, the creative gesture and the spiritual connection between the artist and his work, Sodi seeks to transcend conceptual barriers.

12.8.18 Artist
Melding vocabularies of modernist abstraction and ritualistic objects, Matthew Ronay's sculptures and enigmatic installations express the primacy of the handmade object.