Share the joy of discovering art with your child using our interactive family guides. Each guide encourages children and parents to look carefully at the exhibition, ask questions and use their imagination. For elementary students and families with young children.

Designed for intermediate and secondary students, Nasher Education Times is a biannual newspaper featuring content and activities related to current Nasher exhibitions.

Connect learners with three-dimensional works of art using strategies and activities designed for elementary and secondary students.

These classroom resource are designed to connect Art 1 level students with primary source texts that offer opportunities for critical thinking and interdisciplinary connections with works in the Nasher collection. Resources include interactive components and TEKS alignment.

Learn how artists create art through process videos, printable guides and a materials-focused slideshow. This resource features work in plaster, bronze and steel.

This guide for high school students and teachers is designed to introduce students to a variety of possible careers in the arts. In it, you will find information about a number of different arts career paths, interviews with people who work in various fields, practical advice about pursuing a career in the arts and information about the valuable skills that are promoted by an arts-based education.